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Prince Edward County in the summer

The mandate of this website is simple: to be the best and complete resource for tourists to the Prince Edward County and surrounding region. My goal of this site is to support all businesses where they don’t have to pay for listings.


First, I want tourists to know of every company that exists and to help them get the local’s opinion of what is worth checking out.

Second, many businesses in the county feel the pressure that they need to pay everyone to get more exposure. Other tourism sites operate a ‘pay to play’ model where if you don’t pay, you’re not listed. I definitely don’t want to be another site that runs the old business model. If anything I want to share their story with you and give you the local experience.

Who am I?

John Wright at The County Cider Company in the summer
John at The County Cider Company with Roxy the rescue dog

My name is John Wright and I moved to Belleville, Ontario from Toronto in 2019. I work in online marketing and aside from this sidehustle hobby website, my other hobby sites are and Belleville is a gateway town into the county via highway 62. I came to the county in 2018 booking a campground at the famous Sandbanks Provincial Park. Things I love; camping and good wine and the county delivered! I had no idea the wines in the county were that good so it was a pleasant surprise. I’m also a fan of the breweries and cideries so I can see why the county is so popular.

I am surprised at how many people have never heard of the county at all, especially people in Toronto. My friends that live outside of Canada all think I’m talking about Prince Edward Island but otherwise they’ve never heard of this place. When I show them my pics on Instagram, they all want to visit.

If you are planning a visit, you are more than welcome to the area. If you are from the city, just remember to slow the F down including your driving. Be polite, always clean up after yourself including at the beaches. If you plan on checking out any of the wineries, cideries, breweries or even distilleries, be sure to either have a designated driver or better yet, consider booking a wine tour. If you are happy with this site and you want to leave a tip, check out our Amazon Wishlist.

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